Icelandic Camp Scholarship

INLUS may offer scholarships to eligible youth to attend Icelandic language camp.


Applications will be accepted April 1 – May 1.

  • Any American citizen who is a current member of the INLUS either as an individual or through their local Icelandic Club or organization which is a member of INLUS. Students may apply under their parents’ membership if they are younger than age 18.

  • Applicant has been accepted to a camp teaching Icelandic or Nordic studies and must include Icelandic as part of the curriculum

  • Applicant must complete and submit the scholarship form.

  • Two Letters of Recommendation attesting to the applicant’s character, educational interests, volunteerism, and related aptitudes must be submitted with the application form.

Scholarship Payment, Permissions, and Presentations

All recipients must grant INLUS permission to use their photo and name in all official INLUS publications and promotional materials.

  • Recipients are expected to give a presentation at their local Icelandic club, one close to them, and/or online at an INLUS webinar.

Example of an appropriate camp:

Icelandic Camp, Gimli, MB:  For over 30 years Icelandic Camp has been bringing youth of Icelandic descent together to celebrate their shared heritage.  Over eight days the campers are immersed in all things Icelandic.  From language lessons to vikingcrafts to writing their own saga the campers start to develop a love of their Icelandic ancestry.  (

Application Procedure

Complete the Application Form and email to prior to the applicable deadline.