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INLUS Icelandic Language Class

Fall 2002 Icelandic Language Class

-Limited to 20 INLUS members. Participants must preregister.  Registration fee is $60 for all 6 sessions.
Sessions will be on Wednesday evenings for 6 consecutive weeks starting Oct 7th, 2020.

To sign up, contact David Johnson via email:

High-Level Syllabus

Session 1: Framework

To start our six-week journey, we will focus on setting the framework for understanding Icelandic. We will examine what makes the Icelandic language fundamentally different from English, and how is it the same? How can we understand these differences, and how do we overcome them? Why is Icelandic perceived to be so hard for native English speakers to learn? We will also start a fundamental conversation by learning how to introduce ourselves in Icelandic.

Session 2: Phrases

On day two, we will expand our abilities by learning some (pre-packaged) phrases. Good morning! Nice to meet you! How do you say this in Icelandic? We will also learn how to tell time and how to use our numbers.  We will also learn about the definite article.

Session 3: Around the House

Day three will focus on the household. What do you call the rooms of the house, and what do you do in them?

Session 4: People

We will expand upon our basic conversation focusing heavily on relationships and people. We will learn about how to call your family members and about Icelandic names (patronyms!).

Where do you work? Do you like coffee? Where do you live? This day also starts out learning about plurals!

Session 5: Food

We will talk about food and how to get some! We will learn the names of lots of different kinds of food and will talk a little about food culture in Iceland. We will end the day learning about making Flokkfiskur, and we’ll read an actual Icelandic recipe!

Session 6: Culture and Review

We’ll finish out six weeks together by reviewing what we learned in the six prior weeks. We’ll read a bit out of some real Icelandic children’s books and talk about the Icelandic traditions of Christmas and the Yule Lads.

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Nov 04 2020


19:00 - 20:00

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Nov 04 2020
  • Time: 20:00 - 21:00


$60 for all sessions