Losing a Friend

There are some people in this world that instantly become your friend.  Brent Scharbor (Skarðaborg) was one of those people.  We recently received word that he has passed away from COVID-19 in Texas.

Brent was very proud of his Icelandic lineage that wove through the Orkney Islands to England and Scotland.  Like the Vikings of old, he traveled far and wide, through military service and out of curiosity.  He believed that the best way to appreciate a culture is through food. The more local, the better.

Following his military service, Brent attended the Sushi Chef Institute in California and studied Japanese cuisine, graduating at the top of his class.  He was rewarded by working at a sushi restaurant in Japan.  He started Texas Nordic upon his return, focusing on Japanese and Nordic cuisines.  There, he offered classes to share his research and skills.  Brent also shared his talents with the INLUS in a July webinar where he showed us how to make mead.  His step-by-step recipes for Mead, Texas Nordic Lamb Stew, and Graflax are found on the INLUS recipe page.  We appreciate his generosity in sharing them with us.

Brent was a member of the Icelandic Online Club and was a founding member of the INLUS.

We send our deepest sympathies to Brent’s family, wife, and daughter.  He will be missed.