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An important mission area of INLUS is to help connect our members with Icelandic culture. One way we do that is to help increase awareness of Icelandic film and TV productions.

The 39th Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival is going online this year, beginning May 15. About 40 countries are represented this year, with Iceland having two films in the festival for your viewing enjoyment. Information regarding ticketing and the other films may be found at The information below is from their website.

The County

Director: Grímur Hákonarson

When her husband Reynir is killed in a car accident, Inga’s grief is compounded when she discovers the farm is deep in debt. Faced with foreclosure, Inga decides to fight back, facing down creditors and corporate agents, and doing so with red-haired ferocity. Capturing Icelandic farm life beautifully and filled with show-stopping scenes of conflict that will leave you stunned and laughing, The County is the very definition of a crowd-pleaser.

The Seer and the Unseen

Director: Sara Dosa

Ragnhildur “Ragga” Jónsdóttir is an elf whisperer. Iceland’s huldufólk (elves, trolls, sprites) have a human champion in Ragga, who is now using her status to try and stop a highway across a lava field that is home to these creatures in this respectful and fascinating documentary.

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