Stir Crazy Yet?

By Dianne O’Konski |

Are you going stir crazy yet?

I am not a big Facebook fan, but it has gotten more interesting lately. The posts and reposts give us a sliver of people’s state of mind. A relative posted this today from gramma funnies: “The truth is that it’s not so boring at home. But it’s interesting how one bag of rice has 7,456 grains in it and another bag – 7,459.”

My niece in Michigan and her boyfriend are quarantined for 2 weeks. I haven’t met him, but it appears he likes to keep busy. In Day 4, he had a short workout program on a loop. In the video, the leader is outside and running and kicking the air; boyfriend is doing the same in a very small apartment. On Day 6, he is roller blading around the very small apartment. I do not have the same level of patience as my niece!

I am going through my paper files this week. Tomorrow is recycling day and the trash guy will earn his pay with my bin! So far, 4 grocery bags of shredded paper and many, many pounds of non-confidential sheets. It was so easy to just put the papers in the filing cabinet; but, do I really need 15 years’ worth of homeowner’s insurance policies? What about all the papers from prior homes in Michigan, Kentucky, and Indiana?


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While many can work and continue their education from home, I am very grateful to those who cannot shelter in place. We often hear about the caregivers, police, and firemen. We don’t hear about the others – the trash guy for instance, the store clerks, and re-stockers. Hospitals would not be able to function without the relentless cleaning crews, supply management and procurement, and the IT staff. Please keep these essential people in your hearts.

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Please be safe.