Upcoming INLUS Author’s Corner – Dagatal with Karítas Pálsdóttir

As we move into the fall season, our thoughts turn to books and reading on those crisp autumn evenings.  Join us as Lauren Fields talks with Karítas Hrundar Pálsdóttir about her latest book, Dagatal – Sögur á einföldu máli.

Karítas is the author of two books for Icelandic language learners: Árstíðir – Sögur á einföldu máli (2020) and Dagatal – Sögur á einföldu máli (2022) which came out in June. Dagatal is an independent sequel of Árstíðir which has been well received and taught at various education levels in Iceland and abroad. The books consist of 91–101 short and accessible stories about customs and traditions in Iceland. The stories are written especially for readers with Icelandic as a second language (they are on difficulty level A2 to B2 according to the European Framework for Language). They therefore support both linguistic- and cultural literacy.

Karítas speaks several languages and has lived in several countries.  Her advice regarding learning a new language is “to be patient and have fun with it. You get a key to the society with the language, whatever language it is.” More information may be found at @arstidir_sogur on Instagram and https://www.utgafuhus.is/products/dagatal-karitas-hrundar-palsdottir.

Lauren G. Fields is a member of the INLUS Board of Directors and leads the INLUS Reading Group.

When:  Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Time:  1900 GMT,  3:00 PM Eastern, 2:00 PM Central, 1:00 PM Mountain, Noon Pacific

The webinar link may be found at Events Calendar – Icelandic National League (inlus.org).