2020 Snorri – Have the Adventure of a Lifetime

INLUS is proud to support The Snorri Programs. Please help us get the word out about the 2020 Snorri Program offerings! The first deadline is November 29, 2019 for the Snorri Alumni Internship.

Become a 2020 Snorri – have the Adventure of a Lifetime!

Strengthening the bonds between people of Icelandic descent in North America and the people of Iceland. Snorri Programs offer international cultural exchange between Iceland and North America.

Snorri is unique opportunity for young people (18-28) of Icelandic origin living in Canada and the United States of America, to discover their roots in a five-week summer program in Iceland. Snorri Plus is two-week cultural program in August for those who are over 30, suitable for people of Icelandic descent and people who have true passion for Iceland. Snorri West is designed for Icelandic youth, 18-28, who want to travel to the Icelandic settlements in Canada and the United States for four weeks during mid-summer.

The Snorri Foundation is a non-profit organization that operates two major programs: the Snorri Program & Snorri Plus. Co-operative partners are the Nordic Association , the Icelandic National League of Iceland, and the Icelandic National League of the United States


For whom? People of Icelandic descent, 18 – 28 years of age
When? 5 weeks beginning June 16 – July 17, 2020
Why? Because it will change your life!
Application deadline: January 9, 2020 – Scholarships and grants available! http://www.snorri.is/snorri.html

Snorri Plus

For whom? People of Icelandic descent age 30 and over; their spouses, family and friends
When? 2 weeks – August 13 – August 28, 2020
Why? Because this trip is much more than you could ever imagine…experience your Icelandic heritage on a whole different level!
Application deadline: January 16, 2020

Snorri West – Minnesota, North Dakota, Manitoba in 2020

For whom? Young Icelanders ages 18 – 28 years
When? 4 weeks – tentatively July 10 – August 7, 2020
Why? Because Icelandic traditions and spirit remain strong in the world of Western Icelanders!
Application deadline: February 22, 2020
Facebook: www.facebook.com/snorriprogram/



Have you been looking for a way to reconnect with Iceland since your Snorri experience? Are you longing for an opportunity to return to Iceland and contribute to keeping the cultural ties alive between Iceland and North America at little cost to you?!

For whom? Any alumni of the Snorri or Snorri Plus programs; two positions one for USA, one for Canada

When? Up to 12 weeks beginning the week of June 7 – 15, 2020

What? Volunteer with the dedicated team of the Emigration Center welcoming guests from all around the world and helping to fulfill the Center’s mission work. Assist on research projects developed in conjunction with the US or Canadian Embassies to help promote the strong cultural bonds between Iceland, Canada and the United States.

Application deadline: November 29, 2019



 Airfare to Iceland will be generously donated by Icelandair.

 Domestic travel cost will be covered by INL-Iceland (i.e. to and from airport and to and from Hofsós).

 Accommodations and food during the welcome and farewell stays in Reykjavík (from 2-7 days each time) will be provided by INL host families. Estimated arrival in Iceland would be June 7-15, 2020.

 Accommodations in Hofsós will be graciously provided by the Director of the Icelandic Emigration Center in an apartment that may be shared by the two volunteers who will need to cover their own food and other personal expenses. If so desired and possible, part of the housing arrangement may be with a local host family for all or part of the period.

 Each volunteer will receive from the Snorri Foundation, thanks to the sponsoring Embassies of Canada and the United States, a stipend of around 200,000 ISK to assist with living expenses, including those incurred during their week of free exploration of Iceland. Volunteers will also get insurance for the whole time period.