Brewing Mead with Brent Skarðaborg

Join us on Wednesday, July 7th for a discussion about making mead with Chef Brent Skarðaborg.

mead bottleMead is called the Nectar of the Gods.  Neither beer nor wine, mead is in its own category of alcoholic drink.  The Chinese may have been making mead as early as 7000 BCE!  It has been a favorite drink worldwide since then, making frequent appearances in the Sagas.  It is even said that Queen Elizabeth II enjoys a glass on occasion.

Join Brent Skarðaborg as he talks about the history of mead, gives a demonstration on making mead, answers your questions, and shares his insights during this webinar.  He will also share his story from the US Air Force to Japanese culinary school, to working in Japan, to documenting his heritage, all of which led to the establishment of Texas Nordic.

“After finding the documents recording my family ancestry and genealogy, I also found a cultural responsibility to re-instill pieces of this culture into my own family.”

“My formal Japanese culinary education gave me the background and skills to continue my pursuit of both Washoku and Nordic cuisines. I like the excitement of trial and error bearing good fruit, so to speak. I love making new converts to new discoveries in food… especially when those techniques or dishes may be centuries old.”

You can find some of Brent’s recipes on our recipe page. INLUS Recipes

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How to Watch

Date:  Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Time:  9:00 PM Eastern/8:00 PM Central/7:00 PM Mountain/6:00 PM Pacific

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