Future Travel to Iceland

Many of us have had our 2020 travel plans impacted by the worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic, with plans for Iceland travel either cancelled and deferred. One of the most frequent questions we hear is, “when will we be able to visit Iceland?”

INLUS wants to help!

Building upon our webinar this week with Jóhannes Þór Skúlason, INLUS business member Hey Iceland has offered to help answer the question in the following post.

Traveling to Iceland in the Future

Looking back at the last months, our positive mindset makes us see the good in the situation, a well-deserved break for the Nature, and time for all of us to reinvent ourselves and focus on the essential.

We hope you are taking care, wherever that may be for you. While now is not the time for travel to Iceland, we do hope you visit when it becomes safe again to do so.

Iceland tourism industry is, as is every country, left shaken by the covid-19 situation, and no one can predict what the number of visitors will be this Summer. But with only three cases of the virus diagnosed in May, the country is now taking steps to reopen its borders under conditions beginning June 15th.

What to Expect in the Coming Months in Iceland

The government is now working on new travel guidelines to safeguard visitors returning to Iceland, to make it a safe place for all. As we come closer to June 15th, the travel restrictions within and outside Schengen will be progressively eased, and we can hope for Iceland to come back as a hub to US and Europe.

All information and latest developments about Iceland and covid-19 can be found at the designated covid-19 website for Iceland maintained by the Directorate of Health and Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management.

Let’s face it, as you land in Iceland in the coming months, things might be slightly different from what you’ve been used to, but also for the best.

Going from 2 million tourists a year to some estimated 500,000 this year, the Icelandic roads will see much less traffic this year, which is extremely unusual for the high season. Some sites you will have just to yourself.

On the other hand, Icelanders are expected to take advantage of this Summer to explore more of their own country – and probably be left speechless by sites they had not visited before.

Do you know what hasn’t changed though? The lunar landscapes, the colourful rooftops of Reykjavík, the rich Icelandic foodie scene, the relaxing hot springs, the thriving wildlife and… our sense of hospitality. The minute you land in Iceland, you will feel home away from home.

We look forward to the day when we can all explore the territory again, and in the meantime, we hope to keep you inspired. We embrace uncertainty, knowing that your connection with Iceland is only growing stronger, no matter the time of your next visit.

We encourage you to look at late Summer, Fall or even start planning your 2021 Adventure with Hey Iceland.

The Best Way to Book Your Iceland Trip

At Hey Iceland, we offer a wide range of self-drive and guided tours and a network of 160 carefully selected accommodations in scenic locations around Iceland. From farmstays and self-catering cottages to bigger country lodges, most of our partners are family-run, operated today by the 2nd generation.

By staying at one of our 160 partners, not only you are in for an immersive experience, but you are also making a positive contribution to rural communities in Iceland. Our travel agency was founded by farmers in 1980, the Icelandic Farm Holidays Association, and is still majority-owned by the farmers themselves, meaning that profits stay local. We pride ourselves in these 30 years of expertise of the Icelandic countryside.

Forget the worry of finding accommodation, car rental or activities, we create a personalized day-to-day itinerary. Included with every Self-Drive Tour, our Driver Guide tablet assists you in finding your way, accommodation, or highlights along the way, to truly focus on the experience and enjoy the moment.

We welcome all travel styles, including group tours in bus, and craft the trip that best matches your wishes and needs in terms of lodging standard, travel duration, and transportation. Should you seek your roots in Iceland, we specialize in heritage tours. Whether you want to focus on a certain area of your ancestors or travel around the varied landscapes of Iceland, we‘ve got the perfect vacation for you.

If you are heading to Iceland in the next months, make the most of your trip, from spectacular sights to cherished moments with locals. Do not hesitate to contact us in the planning process and browse our selection of articles below for more inspiration until your next visit.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy some delicious Kaffitímar treats with two mouth-watering recipes!

Sjáumst á Íslandi kæru vinir!

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