Iceland With Kids – New Edition Launched

By Eric Newman |

Our new travel guide book: Iceland With Kids

It’s March of 2009. I’m on crutches with a broken hip, and my wife is pregnant with our 4th child. Oh, and all of us (me, my wife, and 3 kids) are on vacation in Iceland.

Our taxi driver helped the kids build a snowman in Reykjavik. Our daughter tried out some Icelandic phrases on some kids at the art museum. And we realized that Iceland is a perfect starter destination for a family vacation.

Since then we’ve spent several more months touring Iceland, and we’ve turned our experience into a comprehensive travel guide book called Iceland With Kids. And we just published the second edition!

This is a different kind of travel book. It’s the book I wish I had when planning my trip to Iceland.  We walk you through the process of preparing for your trip to Iceland: You’ll find pages and pages of information about your cell phone, power adapters, and how to find the medicine you need. And we’ll help you develop a touring itinerary, with sample itineraries based on length of stay and detailed reviews and recommendations for hundreds of destinations in Iceland. Oh, and there are hundreds of full-color pictures.

Based on the feedback we’ve received, we think Iceland With Kids is helping people plan amazing trips to Iceland:

“What I am saying is, this book is VERY thorough. I can almost guarantee that this book will have a wealth of information for you, even if you’ve already planned your trip like I had.”

“We purchased (or borrowed) several Iceland … but this was my favorite.”

We’re still convinced that Iceland is the perfect place for a family vacation.

Check out the book here: Or see our web site at

Our book and web site aren’t just for people traveling with kids—anyone should be able to find great advice for planning their vacation to Iceland!