Introducing the Icelandic Horse

INLUS will host an introduction to the Icelandic horse on Thursday, May 6 at 8:00 PM Eastern/7:00 Central/6:00 Mountain/5:00 Pacific.  See the INLUS Featured Events Calendar for the webinar link and more details.

Nancy Marie BrownWhen Vikings settled Iceland in the late 800s, they brought only the best of their herds. The Icelandic horse descends from these few horses from Norway and the British Isles and has remained pure for a thousand years. Still Book coverknown as “man’s best friend” in Iceland, this small, shaggy, smooth-gaited, and colorful horse is shaped by the rugged environment of its north Atlantic homeland and woven into its history and culture. In this webinar, Nancy Marie Brown, author of the book A Good Horse Has No Color, as well as many other books about Iceland, will introduce you to the Icelandic horse and share her passion for this special breed.



Carrie Kozubal photoThe program will be facilitated by Carrie Kozubal, a life-long horse nut, who fell in love with the Icelandic horse breed in Iceland (which is, of course, the ideal place to experience the Icelandic horse). Through a series of very fortunate events, she purchased her first Icey TÍgull last summer, which has led to her having more fun during COVID than anyone else she knows. Carrie  became a fan of Nancy Marie Brown after reading A Good Horse Has No Color, then The Saga of Gudrid the Far-Traveler, and The Far Traveler and is honored to be part of this webinar.




Photo of Ms. Brown by Profilm Iceland