Krummi Travel’s Wild Wild West!

A magical tour based in Iceland’s wild west where you spend an entire week frustrating the locals, hiding from the crowds of hideous tourists, hiking through impossibly beautiful places, eating candy, and learning amazing stuff from outstanding Icelandic individuals!

June 13 – 22, 2020


Krummi Travel presents “Krummi Travel’s WILD WEST!” an 8 night /9 day adventure based in one magical hotel on one magical peninsula! Along the way, you’ll be meeting and learning amazing stuff from Icelanders while exploring the mystical Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Onboard the highly embellished van, you can sit back and enjoy your share of the patented “Krummi Travel Candy Bag” which will contain no licorice because I own the business, control the candy bag, and I say so. There will be swag. There will be silly van decorations and there will be a parade that YOU will stage to celebrate Iceland’s National Day on June 17. This is the least you can do to celebrate Iceland’s 76th year of independence. (Yes…start planning your costume right now. Their flag is red, white, and blue so it will be easy). Who will be our Parade Marshall? This, along with many other trip details are none of your beeswax. Sit back, exhale, feel like a kid again, and immerse

yourself in Iceland’s impossibly beautiful nature, enjoy really tasty food, and learn amazing things from some of the nation’s most extraordinary and noted citizens…you will NEVER regret booking this trip. Welcome to Krummi’s WILD WEST.

Sure…you can book a much cheaper trip through some slipshod operator who doesn’t give a rat’s patoot about your experience…Iceland is very expensive. I promise you’ll get your money’s worth and then some!


Based on 10 minimum and 20 maximum:

  • Price per person Double Occupancy in room with private bath: $6820.00 (6 available)
  • Single Occupancy in room with Private Bath: $7470
  • Triple Room: $6610 per person based on 3 in room, $7070 based on 2 in room, $7870 based on 1 in room (2 available)
  • Kitchenette Room: $6970 per person Double Occupancy, $7570 single
  • Single Occupancy: $8400 (2 available)

Price includes roundtrip economy class flights on Icelandair from Boston, New York or Newark (based on $800. If the flight is cheaper you save…if you drag your feet and book too late, the extra cost is on you!) Other gateways are available. Included: airport taxes, all ground transportation in Iceland, the services of an amazing Icelandic guide who will totally put up with your shenanigans, accommodation for eight nights / nine days in a cow barn…well…it is…kind of…a beautiful, stunningly restored cow barn a few steps from the ocean…you will FLIP! All rooms have private facilities. Included: daily breakfast, most lunches, and dinner each day (you are never going to starve here), admission to museums and swimming pools, a trip to the top of the great glacier, Snaefellsjokull, a Sushi-laced boat tour of Breidafjordur, crawling around a lava tube, your share of the candy bag, entertainment, and other sundries which are none of your beeswax.

Not included: Transportation to and from Boston / New York / Newark etc, anything that has to do with your drinking habit, and any extras (when available) like horseback riding, kayak rental, and gratuities for our guide at the end of the journey.

Departure: Saturday, June 13, 2020. Returning Monday, June 22, 2020.


PLEASE NOTE: This itinerary may change due to weather, whim, etc. I promise it will all happen…maybe just not in the order listed.

June 13 / 14 – Day 1: Welcome to Iceland

Fly from Boston to Keflavik, Iceland on Icelandair. Upon arrival collect your bags. You may wish to hit the duty-free shop for libations, as alcohol in Iceland is very expensive. Waiting outside will be the smiling face of your first Icelandic friend. It could be Anna…It could be Solveig…One or the other of these dynamic women will be our guide while in Iceland. We’ll be whisked away for a lovely breakfast at a quaint fishing port in the cod capital of Iceland, Grindavik. It’s lava, lava, lava, unbelievable seascapes, geothermal fields, and so much more as we spend a little time exploring the peninsula before heading west. It’s OK to snooze on the bus. We’ll try not to be too tough on you today. Once we arrive at the hotel you can settle in…With 24 hours of daylight, you’ll have many opportunities to explore the surroundings of this very special hotel. A group dinner will end our first full day together. Because the hotel does not have a bar, you are allowed to bring your Duty-Free purchases into the dining room and common areas. Behave yourselves.

June 15

This morning, after breakfast we will be treated to an art class:

Art: Jón Baldur Hlíðberg ( ~ Jon is the father of Nature Illustration in Iceland. He is the author/illustrator of many books but his seminal work, Flora Islands is his greatest. In this masterpiece, he has painted every plant in Iceland. The book was awarded “Book of the Year” honors in Iceland by its President in 2018. He is my best friend in Iceland. I’d be lost without his friendship and guidance over the years.

After Jon’s class, we’ll head out for a quick bite to eat and to stretch our legs on a lovely hike, visit a pretty amazing Shark Shack, and eventually ending up in the charming city of Stykkisholmer for a delicious dinner.

June 16

The BIG GUY is joining us today! Ornithology: Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson ( ~ Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson, is a leading authority on the birds of Iceland. He has written numerous articles on birds in books, magazines and papers and is the author of two bestselling books. The Puffin and Icelandic Bird Guide, a photographic guide that has been sold 40,000 copies and is considered the Bible for Icelandic bird identification. Jóhann Óli has held many courses, lectures and exhibitions and his photographs have been published around the world in books, magazines, and stamps. His Golden Plover is featured on Iceland’s 10000 Krona note. I love him. We’ll board the van this morning and tour Snaefellsnes with Johann Oli who will teach you a thing or two about birds! Bring your hiking shoes! You’ll be hiking some pretty spectacular trails today. We’ll also be visiting a Lava Tube. Dinner this evening will be at the stunning Hotel Budir.

June 17 – National Day

Today we begin with a short drive and a hike around one of the most monumental, most photographed, most revered mountains in Iceland…Kirkufjell. It takes about three hours to hike its base. It is a long hike but a flat one. Once that is finished we’ll rustle up some grub somewhere and head back to the hotel as this is when you will get ready for your parade!!! Don’t disappoint me! Meet your guest Parade Marshalls. It will be quick and painless but everybody must wear a celebratory costume. You’ll also have ample opportunity to hike around the hotel with or without your costume on. Although the hotel is not aware of this, I am going to be using their private kitchen to make you a din-din this evening. Our Parade Marshalls will supply a little entertainment as well. Happy Birthday, Iceland!!!

June 18 – The Icelandic Horse

Magnús Bragi Magnússon & Elisabeth Jansen, Íbishóll

We are going on a road trip today!!!! ~ They are two of the greatest breeders, trainers, and riders of the spectacular Icelandic Horse. You will be spending some time with these wonderful people at their farm learning all you can about the qualities that make the Icelandic Horse so special. Lunch and dinner along the way will complete this wonderful day trip! You will LOVE Elisabeth and Magnus!

June 19 – Kidding Around!

PACK YOUR SWIMSUIT! No trip to the west would be complete without a visit to the farm of one of my dearest friends, Johanna Bergmann Thorvaldsdottir. Johanna single-handedly saved the Icelandic Goat from extinction. Many of her goats have appeared in Game of Thrones! No autographs, please! She and her goats are superstars. We’ll spend time with Johanna and her kids at Haafell. Lunch will be at the farm. We’ll also visit the spectacular waterfall, Hraunfosssar. We’ll cap off our day with a hamburger and pool party at the stunning Krauma Spa.

June 20 – Journey to the Top of Snaefellsjokull

Today we’ll board the bus and further explore this magical peninsula. Lunch will be at a quaint seaside café. ONE highlight of the day will be a tractor ride to the top of the legendary Snaefellsjokull. This glacier is the starting point in Jules Verne’s epic novel, “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. Fingers crossed for weather as epic as his novel! When we return home to meet these folks:

Kristjana Stefánsdóttir and Svavar Knútur ~ Performing solo or together…they are two of the greatest musical talents in Iceland.

Kristjana is undoubtedly the Queen of Jazz. She is a composer and a voice teacher and possesses the enviable ability to slip into opera, jazz, pop, country, any musical format you desire…and does it seamlessly. She is simply amazing.

Svavar is perhaps my favorite artist in not just Iceland…but anywhere. He is a poet, a bard, a comedian. He will make you laugh out loud and bring you to your knees with his angelic voice and stunning lyrics. He is a madman and a lamb. BEST ICELANDIC SWEARING TEACHER EVER! He is the naughty son I never had. He is the world to me. These accomplished musicians have many albums to their credit..both together and as solo artists.

Kristjana Stefánsdóttir / Svavar Knútur

Dinner this evening will be at the hotel.

June 21 – Summer Solstice!!!

It’s the longest day of the year! Today we will once again head for charming Sykkisholmer where we will board a boat that will take us on a tour around Breidafjordur. On our boat ride, we will indulge is a variety of sushi offerings plucked directly from the sea! Droolsville. I am sure for those of you who do not enjoy this sort of fare…there will be potato chips or whatnot. Nobody will starve! Calm down. We’ll wander the town and then head for home and our final dinner together and some special entertainment.

June 22 – Fly away Home

Kids… Don’t whine! This has been an adventure of a lifetime! Your last hours will be spent pillaging Reykjavik like the honorary Vikings you have become, for last minute dust collectors and thousands of pounds of books, or that perfect Icelandic sweater. You now have a passel of Icelandic friends, some really neat souvenirs, and memories of basking in the midnight sun that will last a lifetime. At the airport, remember to purchase hot dogs and raw legs of lamb and other things you never dreamed you could bring back into the USA! It’s all because you have just visited the tidiest nation on earth! Takk fyrir!