New Iceland Travel Book from Eric Newman

100 Iceland cover

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Check out INLUS Business Member Eric Newman’s (Iceland With Kids) latest book 100 Tips for Visiting Iceland.|

If you’re planning to visit Iceland, the amount of information out there can feel overwhelming. How long should you stay for? Should you go all the way around Ring Road? How do you get your cell phone working? What about if you get sick? We saved a list of many of the questions tourists ask, and compiled it into a new book: 100 Tips for Visiting Iceland. Actually, there are 103 tips!

The book just launched in February, and we’re already getting some great feedback:

“Extremely practical and helpful tips. More than worth the $10 I paid for it. One of the most helpful travel guides I’ve purchased.”

“I’ve read this twice in just a few days. It’s a great guide that covers a lot of things I hadn’t even considered. I also found lots of things to add to my must-see list. It’s well written and well organized, with just the right amount of humor.”

We hope that the book will help everyone visiting Iceland learn more about staying safe in Iceland, amazing things to see, driving in Iceland, and much more. Many of these are things I wish I’d known before my first trip to Iceland!

You can buy a print or digital copy of the book on Amazon: US Amazon Link

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