New Summer Newsletter and Just Icelandic Webinar

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Our June 2022 INLUS Connect newsletter is now available!  Meet our newest Board members, find out about upcoming INLUS and local events, and get a recap of the most recent webinars.  Be sure to tell us about Icelandic and Nordic events going on near you – send to us via email:

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June 8 INLUS Webinar

“Hello and greetings from Iceland…”

With his signature greeting at the beginning of his video reports, Gylfi Gylfason starts another installment of his unique explorations on the latest turn of events with the volcanic activity on the Reykjanes Peninsula, just west of Reykjavik.

Gylfi is the developer of the YouTube channel, “Just Icelandic,” which he created to tell stories about Iceland and its culture for the enjoyment of the rest of the world. He now has over 30, 000 subscribers and in addition to his extremely popular coverage of the recent volcanic and earthquake activity, he also features an eclectic mix of dozens of stories featuring local communities in Iceland, Icelandic history, corny, comic skits and even a one-minute video of popcorn being popped by the heat from lava.

Join us on June 8th to view our online conversation with Gylfi, hosted by Rob Olason.  Details can be found at INLUS Webinar – A Just Icelandic Volcanic Eruption – Icelandic National League.