Upcoming INLUS Webinar – Chocolate & Icelandic Easter Eggs

Join us for another interesting INLUS Webinar presentation on Monday, February 28. |

From National Chocolate-Covered Cherry Day in January to National Chocolate Candy Day at the end of December, there are more than 50 “chocolate days” during the year.   Sales of chocolate for Valentine’s Day and Easter are only outdone by Halloween and Christmas.  One thing is certain, there’s something about chocolate!

Do you prefer European chocolate or American?  You may use either in building your own Icelandic Easter Eggs.  ĺris Óskarsdóttir-Vail will lead us through a step-by-step tutorial on making these holiday treats.  Intimidated by the thought of tempering chocolate?  Not to worry, all you need is a thermometer and a microwave!  In fact, some forms of chocolate don’t need to be tempered at all to achieve the shiny shell.  She will use three different types of chocolate to highlight her tips and techniques.  Veronika Kolomichuk will facilitate the presentation.

So, what is chocolate and why does European chocolate taste so different than American chocolate?  Chocolate is made up of cacao, sugar, and milk, but the proportions and products are the key.  American chocolate typically has more sugar than European chocolate, giving American milk chocolates a lighter and sweeter flavor.  However, European milk has a higher fat content than American milk. European chocolate typically has a higher percentage of cocoa butter, which combined with the higher-fat butter and cream give these chocolates a smoother, richer flavor.  In addition, Europe often sources their cocoa beans from western Africa while American chocolatiers often source from South America.  One is not better than the other, they are just different.  They one you love is likely the one you grew up with.

About the Event

Please join us on on Monday, February 28th at 1:00 PM Eastern/ 12:00 PM Central/ 11:00 AM Mountain/ 10:00 AM Pacific using our online Zoom webinar platform.

We will also record the webinar for later viewing on the INLUS website.

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