12 Famous People You (Probably) Didn’t Know Were Icelandic

Viking swordsman

By Heidi Herman-Kerr | When you hear the word “Icelanders,” what comes to mind? The Vikings, longboats, long beards, and glaciers, right? The names, besides being tough to pronounce, typically end with -son or -dottir. Icelandic surnames are different from most other naming systems in the modern Western world by being patronymic or occasionally matronymic:…

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The Ghost and the Farmer’s Daughter

Deacon of Dark River drawing

By Heidi Herman-Kerr | Iceland’s history is filled with folklore stories of trolls and hidden people, but also legends of magic, ghosts, and mysterious happenings. Once such story comes from North Iceland, although its exact origin and author are unknown. In this story, a ghost speaks to a girl named Guðrún, but calls her Garún.…

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