The Snorri Programs – Connecting Icelanders and North Americans since 1999

INLUS Webinar

When:  Monday, November 29, 2021

Time:    11:00 AM Eastern/10:00 AM Central/9:00 AM Mountain/8:00 AM Pacific

Program link may be found on the INLUS Events Calendar.

Many Western Icelanders have heard of the Snorri Programs, but perhaps are unaware there are actually four separate programs, three for North Americans and one for Icelanders.  All four programs are held annually in the summer; well, except for during the COVID pandemic!  Learn more about the history of these programs, the cooperative efforts that oversee, organize and operate them, what can be expected by participants, as well as what changes may be in store for 2022 due to COVID-19.

Pála Hallgrímsdóttir, Project Manager in Iceland; Jody Arman-Jones and Blair Lockhart, Co-Directors in the United States and Canada, respectively, will share lots of photos, stories and information, while looking forward to answering all your questions. In the meantime, please see our newly-designed website at and check us out on social media @TheSnorriPrograms.