Upcoming INLUS Webinars

Please join us in later in March and April for two new webinars.

Jonathan Wood imageJeannie Fox Entenza imageFirst, on March 21st we will speak with Jonathan Wood, Polar Law student at the University of Akureyri.  He will talk about what brought him to Iceland, the Polar Law program, his work with the Arctic indigenous communities and the challenges they are facing, and much more.  Jeannie Fox Entenza will lead the discussion.


Katelin Parsons photoNext up will be our rescheduled discussion with Katelin Parsons, PhD on April 14th, Katelin is the Project Manager of the Fragile Heritage Project in Reykjavik. She will talk about efforts to preserve books, diaries, letters, and other documents that came with Icelandic immigrants to North America.






How to Watch:  See the individual listings on the INLUS Featured Events Calendar