Upcoming INLUS Webinar – The Making of the Long Friday

Long Friday pic 2

The Making of The Long Friday. On October 24, 1975, the women of Iceland went on strike – they refused to work, cook, and look after children for a day. It was a moment that changed the way women were seen in the country and helped put Iceland at the forefront of the fight for equality.…

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Vikings: Their History and Legacy

Stora Hammars stone

Upcoming INLUS Author’s Corner: Men of Terror |  About one thousand years ago, a man named Fraði died in Sweden. His kinsmen raised a granite runestone to his memory in Denmark. The inscription tells us that Fraði was the “first among all Vikings” and that he was a “terror of men.” What did Fraði do…

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Thorláksmessa, the Feast of Saint Thorlák Thorhallsson

St. Thorlak print

| By Aimee O’Connell | December 23 is a national holiday in Iceland: Thorláksmessa, the Feast of Saint Thorlák Thorhallsson, the sixth bishop of Skálholt and Iceland’s patron saint who died on this date in 1193.  With its proximity to Christmas, the holiday is usually the day when preparation finally turns to celebration, with friends…

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INLUS Author’s Corner – Nancy Marie Brown

book cover

Join us on September 1st. Please join us on September 1 for another INLUS Author’s Corner presentation with Nancy Marie Brown on her new book The Real Valkyrie: The Hidden History of Viking Warrior Women, which will be available on August 31st, published by St. Martin’s Press! In 2017, DNA tests revealed to the collective shock…

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The Summer Feast of Saint Thorlák

Saint Thorlak

By Aimee O’Connell  | Most of us are familiar with Thorláksmessa, the Feast of Saint Thorlák, which Icelanders mark on December 23 as both a salute to the Patron Saint of Iceland and a joyful day of preparation for the Christmas holidays.  But few are aware that there is a corresponding Feast of Saint Thorlák…

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June 17th – A Day to Celebrate

Iceland and USA flags with text (www.INLUS.org)

Happy June 17th!  Today we celebrate Iceland’s National Day and the second birthday of the Icelandic National League of the United States! (INLUS) Take a look at our just-released INLUS newsletter here: Newsletters – Icelandic National League (inlus.org).  In this issue, you can find out why we celebrate Iceland’s National Day on June 17th and meet…

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Upcoming INLUS Webinars

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Please join us in later in March and April for two new webinars. First, on March 21st we will speak with Jonathan Wood, Polar Law student at the University of Akureyri.  He will talk about what brought him to Iceland, the Polar Law program, his work with the Arctic indigenous communities and the challenges they are…

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Preserving Our Icelandic Heritage

Katelin Parsons photo

Now scheduled for April 14 – When we think of Icelandic Heritage, many of us whose descendants came to North America generations ago think about the traditions.  But what about those things such as books, diaries, letters, and other documents that came with the immigrants that provided reading enjoyment, or were written by them that documents…

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The “Icelandic” in the Fiske Icelandic Collection

Photo of Patrick Stevens

Webinar: October 22, 2020, 4:00 PM EDT/3:00 PM CDT/2:00 PM MDT/1:00 PM PDT Daniel Willard Fiske was a young man when he ventured to Iceland in 1850.  He was so enamored by the country, the people, and their books, that he began his own collection, focusing on Iceland, anything relating to the Viking Forays, and…

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The Story of Hans Jonathan (1784-1827)

Djúpivogur harbor

By David Johnson | Striving to ensure that liberty and justice for all is deeply woven throughout our society’s entire fabric is a struggle that continues today.   In the U.S., many examples of courage and resilience are found in those who were enslaved.   And still there are stories of pain and suffering down to…

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